39 weeks

7 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Progress Updates:
  • The Hogie Bun is starting to weigh more and more and it has gotten pretty uncomfortable to sit in general.
The Hogie Bun at 39 weeks

  • I have been experiencing more Braxton Hicks regularly.
  • Sadly there hasn't been that many updates since two days ago. I have been feeling more uncomfortable as the days go by and my feet and hands have taken a turn to the Flintstones Era!

Flintstone Feet at
39 weeks.. Pretty Gross! 

Other than these minor updates, everything continues to be the same as before.  Baby's movements are still pretty regularly.  He loves to wiggle around from 9pm to 10pm sometimes he will continue his dancing party a little past 10, but afterwards he will settle down and go to sleep :).  

Earlier during the week, I needed to count his movements and Dan started talking to him asking him to wiggle around so that I can count his movements, and sure enough as soon as Dan talks/sings to him, he moves around like a jelly fish! LOVE IT!!! I can pretty much get 10 counts within 2 min.!!!